What is the largest caribbean island?

this is a list of islands in the caribbean by area, but the bahamas and the turks and caicos islands are not in the caribbean sea, but rather in the open north atlantic ocean. for related lists, see below .the largest islands in the caribbean cuba, with an area of 105,806 square km, is the largest island in the caribbean, followed by hispaniola and jamaica. the administrative divisions of cuba, the largest of the caribbean islands.puerto rico. puerto rico, the third-largest island in the caribbean, is an unincorporated u.s. territory, meaning that u.s. citizens can come and go as they please.the three largest caribbean islands by land area are cuba, hispaniola, and jamaica. the three most populous caribbean nation-states are cuba, haiti and the dominican republic. cuba, hispaniola, and jamaica range from 40,852 square miles to 4,320 square miles in land area. cuba is the biggest.cuba is the largest island in the carribean. (located in the greater antilles).cuba is the largest island in the caribbean sea (110,860 square kilometers or 42,803 square miles). it covers an area slightly smaller than pennsylvania and is also the island with the largest single-nation population: estimated to be 11,047,251 in july 2014 by world factbook.most populous countries in the caribbean. cuba, the dominican republic, and haiti are the three caribbean countries with the highest populations in the caribbean. ... much further on in history, it is believed the caribbean islands largely were repopulated by various waves of people from the orinoco valley region, ... cuba is the largest ...inland and island countries in the caribbean region, even if technically not in the caribbean sea itself, are included. some lists include bermuda , which is located about 1,000 miles from any caribbean island, guyana and belize .currently, the island has the third largest stock exchange in the caribbean region. nonetheless, a 2012 study with the caribbean development bank revealed that 20% of bajans live in poverty, and nearly 10% cannot meet basic daily food needs.cuba - with more than 11 million residents, and stretching over 42,803 square miles, cuba is the largest island in the caribbean. it is also the closest caribbean destination to the us, sitting only 83 miles from key west, florida.